Make a strong resume

Do you know that your strong resume is a valuable marketing tool? If not then you should. Your resume should be made in such a professional way by which you can make potential employers eye your resume in the first glance.

Use the right Format:

•  To list your achievements always use short action phrases.

•  When describing achievements highlight those lines.

•  Keep the length to one page to follow a professional standard.

Make it look standard:

•  Maintain the size of the fonts from 9-11 pts.

•  Make sure to apply single spacing for individual sentences and apply double spacing for paragraph.

•  Avoid coloring the fonts keep it black and simple.

•  Highlight section headers with boldface.

•  Use easy to read font type to meet the required standard.

Keep it simple:

•  Use bullet points with short phrases.

•  Use simple and familiar vocabulary.

•  Avoid applying background color if not required.

•  Use numbers to quantify your contributions and achievements.

Regularly Update Resume:

• Update your resume within every 3 months (i.e quarterly).

• Highlight your work experience for as long as you were employed.